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To Me on my Birthday

I heard a knock knock knocking on my door
where I sat alone, (for I’m such a bore)
and I yelled, “Who’s there so very late?”
“It’s Death, come to celebrate
you being one year closer to your ending Fate!”
“Come in, dear friend, I don’t lock my door!”
In he walked, and muttered “You’re such a bore!
I come with gifts of drink, let’s go
and rid you of this pointless sorrow!”
‎”But Death, what if Fate finds me tonight!
The very thought gives me quite the fright!”
“Silly boy, you can’t hide behind this door!
Fearing Fate but makes you a terrible bore!
Let us go and brave the night!
And if Fate arrives, we’ll put up a fight!”
So Death and I walked out that door,
I, one year older, and less the bore.