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Leviathan Reviewed

The first review of Leviathan has recently made its way onto the vast expanses of the interwebs. It seems generally quite positive, given the rather obscure genre it is written in. Show the critic, Red Haircrow, your appreciation by visiting his site and reading the reviews of all the other independent authors he helps out so generously.

Epic, heroic poetry of the kind not so often seen in the “mainstream” anymore or unless you belong to a specialized group. “Leviathan” is a different form of fantasy in this modern age, but no less vivid or important. – Red Haircrow

The second review has also been quite positive!

During Hero’s journey to avenge his loss, he affects change in a number of ways. His mind focused on his mission, he doesn’t even notice whose lives are altered by his actions. When Hero eventually finds his way to Leviathan, the meeting doesn’t go quite as planned, leaving the reader to think about what it all was for. It also offers the opportunity to think of how Hero’s journey relates to your own life, as I found myself reflecting on my own journey. – Grace Krispy, Motherlode


Leviathan has also been spotlighted at two different sites: Bargain eBooks, where eBooks for five dollars and under are showcased; and Indie Books Blog, where a small questionnaire is posted alongside a summary. Show both sites your appreciation by exploring all of the other independent authors they have given a helping hand to!

So go forth and purchase!