For the Child at Heart, on a Rainy Day

When the rain fell, the sky split
sending half itself down,
found the ground and fit
into puddles and pits.

The moon shattered,
now a thousand little discs,
that dropped and pitter-pattered,
in a thousand places scattered.

Look! the clouds flee
and where once was water
now, there, heavens be!

In each one, the moon’s children smile,
haloed in stars,
creation now an ethereal tile
decorating the streets with empyrean style!

Children! remember! remove your shoes,
for where heaven has fallen,
God’s love does effuse.

For moon and stars were first a gift
to tired-eyed angels in the firmament,
so whenever the sky does lovingly rift
your toes must show ever so swift.

When the moon finally gathers her children
and marshalls them off as a squadron
and the sky turns ‘to a fire-red cauldron
and the sun peeks over the grassy fence
and the waters begin to rinse
the air with a scattered fog,
rejoice! and remember your muddy footprints
will float like a soothing incense
to God’s own throne.

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