The Farmer and the Eagle

The Parable of the Farmer and the Eagle

There once was a farmer whose land was infested with hares, and whose crops were constantly eaten. One day, an eagle flew over his land, and saw the many hares, and found the place good. So the eagle hunted in the farmers land, and the farmer became proud of the eagle, and told his neighbors how it defended his crops. Soon, in his mind, the majestic creature was his, and all it accomplished he accomplished.

But after a time, the eagle had hunted many of the hares, and there was little left to eat, and it moved to another farm. The farmer was angry, and accused his neighbor of stealing the eagle, and set out to capture it. So with snares and nets, he brought the eagle down, and tied the birds foot to a rope, and put it in a cage, and fed it meat from his table. Not long after, the hares came back, and ate the farmers crops again, but the eagle had forgotten how to hunt. The farmer’s land was no longer protected, and he was left with nothing but a caged eagle and a ruined farm.

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