We the People

History, it seems, is quite the sardonic teacher.

America is quickly approaching a precarious edge in ideology – in a country that once valued the individual as the center of society, we are concertedly moving towards a removal of man, and institutionalizing the community in its stead.

In the beginnings of Rome, there were kings of who traced their ancestry back to the founders of the city – men of great blood and lineage, the aristocracy of the city, lions among sheep. The eventual overthrow of this blood-lineage opened the history of the Republic of Rome, a period where, for the first time in their history, the commoners were given a voice in the government, called Tribunes. While the voice started small, and often hushed by their political elders, it eventually became a politically powerful seat from which great men could push reforms, and had the right to veto legislation in the over-powerful Roman Senate, who had replaced the monarchy of old with an aristocracy and oligarchy of new.

The Romans had, as we are doing today, separated the population into the patricians and the plebeians, the powerful and the common, often the rich and the poor. Representative from each grouping would defend the rights and serve the wants of their people, for the individual had no power, no voice of its own. The Tribunes were the voice of the people, the shield of the poor and downtrodden, the protector, guardian, Paladin, the Sword for the individuals who made the country run.

Yet, inevitably, the position of the Tribune became corrupt, and put down their shield, laid their swords at the feet of Power, of Money, of Aristocracy. They drowned out the voices of those they represented, and drowned themselves in wine, land, money – all at the expense of the sheep they had been chosen to shepherd.

A man named Gaius Gracchus, disgusted with the state of these fallen men, spoke an idea that resonates through time – Gaius stated that when the Tribunes went against the will of the people, they no longer represented the people. That when the voices of the individuals were no longer listened to, and the government ran on votes designed to solve the problems of crowds, the problems of communities, the problems of societies, but not the problems of men, that government was a sham.

Our constitution begins ‘We the people.’ Yet it does not mean the group, the community of people as a whole, the herd, the mass – no, the Founding Fathers mean ‘We, the people who, with single voices, do sing together as a chorus.’ Their writings cry out with the love of the individual, for the equality and freedom that they based the Constitution on. How often they warned of the need to protect the individuals, to protect equality as a bastion of liberty, and not to use the desire to be equal to level the forests so that none may stand tall.

How proper it seems, with their voices echoing emptily in valleys long abandoned, that we follow the footsteps of the Romans. Our Tribunes today, our Congressmen, our Senators, are not the Tribunes of old, the shepherds and shields set out to protect us one by one, but are like the fat leeches that drain the blood from the community, steal our money, our time, and our lives, all in the name of our Common Well Being. They group the people into rich and poor, white and black, man and woman, and take from one group to give to another. These devils will bleed the middle-class dry to give to the poor, forgetting that both are made of men, and that to attack one is to attack humanity. To steal from one community for any purpose is to tear down any semblance of respect for the individuals, and to shred the very basis of this once-great country.

For they, like the Roman Senate, protect only themselves. They will lie and steal and murder and bribe their way through history. They purchase the goodwill of the poor with bloodmoney, lifted from the sweat of working men and women with names, birthdays, children – they wave the flags of Socialism, willing to protect societies, and by that, destroy mankind.

Gaius Gracchus was assassinated for trying to give a voice back to the people – back to those whose labor ran his country he so loved. He worked, not to give a voice to a community, not to buy the love of a group, but to create a system whereby the individuals could once again not fear the strong-arm of the powerful.

This government, for the last many years, has gone against the will of the people all too often. They have lied and bribed their way into protection, and have refused to submit to the laws they pretend to uphold. They live off of our money, our time, our sweat, put our children into debt, and take away our futures from under us, all the while living removed from the pains of the world.

We the people are no longer protected, as individuals, from the government that We the people gave its power to. And it is time We the people sing out in chorus once again, with our voices as one, but made up of individuals, straining to be louder than our neighbor, but still working together so that the sound can finally pierce the ears of the Tribunes who have long since abandoned us.

On April 15th, the New American Tea Party will be on the West Side of the Capital, from 11AM-1PM. With no specific goals, no organized manifesto, no ring leaders pushing for a specific agenda, this meeting is to protest the shepherds abandoning their flocks, and nothing more. Come share your voice, and let the people once again assert that this government is given power by us, for us. Our will is ignored, and therefore this government represents us no longer.

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