The water slowly leaked out
and away
back to its home
back from where it came
leaving behind a puddle
small in size
a miniature lake
where the pond had overflowed with the rain.

A small minnow was left behind,
he’d been
carried along with the water
stolen from his home
in the pond
away from his school
to this foreign
hole in the ground.

As the hours passed and
the sun rose
the puddle began to
with the minnow
slowly watching
his fate.

Patiently he waited for
the moment
when he’d be half in and
half not
like a fish out of-
you know.

Then the sun was blotted,
heat subsided,
as a face
of a small boy,
and smiling
replaced the
clouds in heaven’s lining.

Now the minnow waited
to be squashed
as little boys
were prone to do
to the helpeless
brother fishes
who washed up on shore.

The hands closed in,
grabbed our
minnow friend,
and pulled him out of the water,
to seal his fate
and end his story.

As minnow contemplated
a minnow heaven existed
or not,
something strange
happened when
he was dropped.

So now, minnow must
slowly bake
if he
survived the fall,
woe to the little fish.

But it wasn’t ground
to his tiny head,
he hit water,
the lake,

His savior
had come,
in the form
of a little boy,
waving from the shore
with the same chubby smile.

You never know
which little boys
squish fish and
which ones
save them.

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